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Stop Me If I Bore You. January 25, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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I know, there’s only so much snow you can look at before you yell, “Calgon, take me away!”

But it is what it is, and it’s everywhere.

Today was bright and crisp.  The ice was brittle from the night-time lows, and the sky was radiating a blueness

twin maple

…onto a stark, crisp landscape:

briers in snow

…softened by shaddows

field and shaddows

…and scrimshawed by zastrugi:


And that’s the news from the Department of Redundancy Department.


1. Bob - January 25, 2009


Gesundheit, Cuz!

And I, for one, will/would never tire of snow pictures (or, indeed, the real thing). Thanks, as always.

2. Lisa - January 25, 2009

Snow that I don’t have to shovel and blue skies? What’s not to love?

3. sylvia - January 25, 2009

Ah, you never bore me, CR! And these are just beautiful! I really love the first one and the last one in particular. Hope you had a fun weekend!

4. littlebangtheory - January 26, 2009

Yes, Sylvia. I did. I find myself in love again, and it’s coloring my world in a most appreciative way.

Lisa, I’ll happily shovel your share as long as you come visit me here. And though I’ve been a bad reader, I’m so totally in your corner, and rooting for the best for you guys!

And Bob, I always think of you when I do snow pics, and imagine romping through the scene with you, and we’re both really pleased and amazed and wonder-struck. And I believe that as the world unfurls, this will come to pass. ‘Course, you may need to travel a bit, but I do know a place where you can stay…


5. pagan sphinx - January 26, 2009

Pictures as gorgeous as yours are never redundant, my dear friend. I love, love, love the shadows on the snow. I can’t get my pictures sized right so they are that big. Wish I knew how but blogger limits me. In any event, I’m humbled when I compare your pictures to mine. I love taking pictures but that’s very different from being a real artist as you are. Still, I carry the camera everywhere and I try to think about what I’ve seen in the work of others. Not to copy but to improve my own eye.

6. Spartacus - January 26, 2009

Would you stop. Keep snapping away, man! You take the best photos and like Tengrain said a post or two back, get. a. show. Seriously, you kill with a camera in hand… and in the kitchen as well.

7. Bobbie - January 26, 2009

The day you bore anyone, I’ll stop blogging for sure.

A wonderful tree! A beautiful tree! And really great shadows. No complaints here.

8. Barb - January 26, 2009

Love every photo… every time… regardless of subject!


9. Jane R - January 26, 2009

This is much prettier than a Calgon bath.

10. FranIam - January 26, 2009

Not possible to be bored here.


11. Suzer - January 26, 2009

Gorgeous, just gorgeous! Those of us who have fled to warmer climes (Georgia) do appreciate and miss the snow on occasion. It’s wonderful to see your photos. They leave me wistfully homesick (in a good way).

12. sherry - January 27, 2009

they are so bright and pgh is usually soooo grey, snap on please.

13. littlebangtheory - January 27, 2009

Thanks again, Peeps. It was a day of pretty cool shadows and light, and I thought it would beg for black and white. But the sky was very blue and colored everything, even when not in the photo, so, color it was!

14. Marc and Ned - January 29, 2009

That tree and sky are georgeous! If not for the tree, it looks like a crsip spring day!

15. littlebangtheory - January 29, 2009

Marc and Ned, welcome! It’s always nice to meet new folks. 🙂

Thanks for stopping in, and also for the kind words!

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