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Totally Beyond. January 18, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Uncategorized.

This is the kind of thing which reaffirms my belief in the impossible, and rekindles the wonder of being alive.

Bela Fleck, reinventing the banjo, to our everlasting benefit:

The sound quality isn’t great, and it ends abruptly, but it’s none the less virtuosic, and I dig it.

A lot.


1. Sylvia Kirkwood - January 18, 2009

That is really amazing! I love it! Thanks for passing it on! Hope you had a good weekend.

2. Bobbie - January 19, 2009

Quite a performance, that one! I enjoyed it.

3. Jennifer - January 19, 2009

You’ll never guess who introduced me to Béla’s music, just a few weeks ago.

Go on, you’ll never guess.

…Hey, how did you know?

4. littlebangtheory - January 19, 2009

🙂 Get Bob going on Bela and Victor, why dontcha?? 🙂

If you ever get a chance to see these guys live, GO!

5. Bob - January 19, 2009

Ah. Variations on Bach’s Cello #3 as reinterpreted for banjo. Béla is da man!!

(Did you know he did a whole album of Classical music? To go along with the bluegrass, jazz, pop, country, be-bop, and ethnic Chinese music albums he has out there. [see above])

6. Bob - January 19, 2009

(My mistake. Bach Cello #1 in G Major)

7. littlebangtheory - January 19, 2009

Mistake forgiven, in the interest in our mutual edification.

Plus, I like to know stuff. 🙂

What impresses me most about this guy is how he interweaves genres, as in the above piece, classical, electric blues, and flamenco, to name just a few of the bases he touched.

The ‘Tones play The Iron Horse with some regularity, an intimate venue where I (by diligent pre-arrival) usually manage to be seated within twenty feet of the band.

I’m looking forward to their next visit!

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