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Playing In The Rain. December 28, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

This has been a mostly cloudy day.  There was no discernible sunrise, and the constant dripping outside my bedroom window cocooned me against the sounds of the day.

I stirred slowly and rose late, brewed a pot and contemplated the ubiquitous grayness outside:


But then, a thinning of the clouds revealed a filtered disk of sun, and I cursed my sloth to be lounging around the house as the light was becoming right!  I dressed and headed out.

The thinning of the river valley clouds coincided with a brief break in the day’s general overcast, and I caught a glimpse of blue hovering above the deeply shaded landscape:


But that closed up as the valley fogs retreated, leaving me wandering around the hill roads under a mottled gray pall:


The weather’s return to drizzle led me to return to a simpler palate, verging on shades of gray, but finding a slight touch of color to add depth and differentiation to the fog and forrest:


By noon I was back home, a bit discouraged by my haul, but unwilling to pump carbon into the atmosphere for four more hours in the faint hope that things would open up toward sunset.

I should have kept my pants on, but that’s another post.


1. Sylvia Kirkwood - December 28, 2008

So absolutely gorgeous! particularly with those tiny spots of beautiful color — the house, the blue sky. It all looks so much like it looked here for over a week. Then the temps went up, we got some sun and there’s no more snow! Poouufff, just like that! Amazing!

Now I’m breathlessly waiting to hear about how you should have kept your pants on! Whar ARE you up to now? Whatever, I bet you have fun!

Again, Happy New Year!

2. dcup - December 28, 2008

So worth the visit. Whether it’s spectacular color, sweeping vistas or monotones – it’s all good.

3. Bobbie - December 29, 2008

The first and last monochromes are so perfect! And that third picture – I don’t even have words.

OMG you’re good!

4. littlebangtheory - December 29, 2008

Ladies, you’re too kind!

I’m struggling with these months of low light and gray skies, trying to wring something worth sharing out of the dull mists, so it’s nice to hear that a few of my captures resonate.

Thanks for the nice words. 😉

5. Steve - December 29, 2008

Oh I love that third one – with the little bit of muted color so lovely against all the grey. A little restraint can really set off colors – I’m not good at that…

6. littlebangtheory - December 30, 2008

Steve, capturing valley clouds is like leaving areas of the canvas blank, white, open to suggestion. But what’s there needs to not overpower the suggestion.

I frequently get more depth out of a scene by enhancing the contrast, but here I brought the contrast down, and really liked the subtlety of the colors. They’re true-to-life, but a little dreamier.

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