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Happy Birthday, Dude! December 25, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.

We all have heroes.

Mine are beyond counting, and include members of my family living and dead, people I learned about in school, thinkers, authors, philosophers, sages of ages past and visionaries who foresaw the future.

And chief among them is Jesus of Nazareth, a guy born over two thousand years ago, who to this day shapes the attitudes and actions of hunderds of millions of people world wide.

That’s pretty cool.

So, what exactly did Jesus of Nazareth do to earn the status of Uber-Hero?

Plenty, as I see it.  He spoke Truth to Power.  He defended the poor, the voiceless, the ill-treated sinners who were doing their insufficient best.  He represented you and me in a way which hadn’t been seen before, and has seldom been replicated.

And he reinterpreted God for the people of his day, reading the tales of a vengeful, wrath-filled deity and birthing a vision of love and forgiveness, humility and mutual respect.

I’m inclined to see it like that, to embrace His interpretation of the world we all share, and to wish for and work toward a future where love rules, and forgiveness triumphs over vengeance.

Thanks, Jesus of Nazareth, for showing us how it’s done, even in the face of State-sponsored censorship, even at the cost of your own Earthly life.  You walked that walk, and you set the bar plenty high.

And while historians might quibble about your actual birth date, there’s no doubt in my mind that we’d be well served in celebrating your birth and life, and today is as good a day as any to remember your teachings.

Happy Birthday, Jesus.


1. dcup - December 25, 2008

Nicely put, Cunning Runt. His message of peace seems to get lost in the interpretation of so many voices, many of whom are striving for power and control.

2. Sylvia Kirkwood - December 25, 2008

My dear CR you do put things beautifully and such a wonderful reminder of what we should all be focusing on instead of — as dcup said, striving for power and control. I feel that his message has somehow gotten lost to/for many.

Hope you’ve had a beautiful holiday!

3. Steve - December 25, 2008

Well said! I like this way of looking at the Gospels. And I’d prefer to focus on what we can do right, rather than on what people are doing wrong.

4. Fran - December 25, 2008

This is a truly beautiful post and no surprise with someone like you- a man with a truly beautiful heart and message of his own… yes I do mean YOU!

Is it blogwhoring if I ask you to stop by? I wrote on this topic today. That’s all I will say.

Wishing you peace – deep, enduring, everlasting.

5. Bob - December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, indeed.

I hope you’ve had a great one, Cuz. 🙂

6. littlebangtheory - December 25, 2008

I have, Bob. It’s been a very internal Christmas here, and I’m totally ok with that.

I hope yours was equally good (or better!)

7. Laurie B - December 26, 2008

CR, was this really your birthday? Because if it’s not, you should adopt it. You bring so much to the world, I hope you know it. Happy Birthday.

8. littlebangtheory - December 26, 2008

Laurie, 🙂 You’re confusing me with The Other Dude, whose birthday is today. I’m flattered, but entirely undeserving 😉

And my birthday is at the end of September on any given year. Stick around, maybe I’ll think of something interesting to do!

9. notfainthearted - December 26, 2008

Excellently put, sir. Thank you.

And I hope your celebration of the day (season?) was filled with warmth and joy of family and friends.

May we all get better at following The Dude’s example.

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