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Night And Day. November 25, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Politics and Society.

Over the past couple of days I’ve had the opportunity to hear parts of President Elect Obama’s press conferences, wherein he announced the names of some of his economic advisers and delineated a framework for his plan to deal with this country’s economic troubles.

And while I’m not entirely comfortable with the parade of familiar faces being trotted out in the name of “change,” I found myself warming to the idea that this busload of Smart Cookies could indeed take us down a new path, under the capable leadership of a Man of Vision.

How incredibly, utterly different it was to feel that way, after nigh unto a decade of listening to King George the Lesser mangle the English language, struggling to put sentences together in a way which actually communicated something other than his abject incompetence.

I foresee a period of adjustment in my future, a finite amount of time during which I can come to grips with the concept of a President I can be proud of, someone who can meet with other World Leaders without causing me to cringe in anticipation of every impolitic gesture, every mispronounced word, every third-grade syntax error, every unselfconscious expression of hubris and arrogance and stupidity.

The difference, even at this early juncture, couldn’t be clearer.  For eight long years we’ve been “led” by a grinning idiot, seeming more like a bobble-headed hood ornament on a bus full of Bozos than any semblance of a President.

And now, with an economic tempest bearing down on us, with the baleful wail of Sirens surrounding us, the clouds are parting to reveal the silhouette of a man at the helm who just might be capable of keeping our Ship of State off the shoals, someone with the leadership qualities necessary to get our disparate Nation pulling together, hauling in the sheets, battening down the hatches, bailing the bilges…

…OK, OK, I know – knock it off   before I have you all chumming over the starboard rail!

But really, does anybody other than me get the sense of Obama as someone who’s in a totally different league from his predecessor?

Because I for one could really appreciate a President who is a good deal smarter than I am, for a change.

Now that would be change I could believe in!


1. Margie Miller - November 25, 2008

Absolutely! It is wonderful to anticipate an intelligent president again.

2. Sylvia Kirkwood - November 25, 2008

I am totally in agreement with all you’ve so beautifully written! and I’m not even close to chumming over the starboard rail! I’m excited too and proud that enough of us in this country felt the same way, enough of us to put him at the helm. I will be so glad to see the last of Texas George’s ass that I just may celebrate the entire month of January. Thanks for saying it all so well.

3. dcup - November 25, 2008

I agree with you about Obama. I don’t expect perfection. I’m trying to withhold judgment on his picks until we see what kinds of policies they are going to push.

But his demeanor and his way? Very, very different. Thank goodness.

4. Karen Grove - November 25, 2008

Well said, and I agree.

5. Barb - November 26, 2008


6. Fran - November 26, 2008

I am with you and love what you have to say about this. I just commented at DCup’s post related to this topic as well.

7. Dianne - November 26, 2008

I keep the TV on in the background as I work and these past few days, as President Obama comes on, I feel a bit uplifted.

I can imagine Bushie watching from the Oval Office and wondering what all the big words mean.

Obama’s detractors keep saying that demeanor and character and thoughtful words are not enough – well – excuse me! that’s already 3 more attributes than Still President Bush ever possesed.

8. Bobbie - November 26, 2008

Yes – Yes – and Yes!
I am actually watching and listening to him. I could not even bring myself to do that much with Bush. I almost want to cry for joy when I hear this man.

9. sherry - November 26, 2008

i was just saying to someone that i feel better about the future knowing that our new president is way, way, way smarter than i am.

will everything be perfect? hell no, but it has to be better.
i know that at the very least, it won’t be as embarassing.

10. Frau Biergut - November 26, 2008

Yeah, the last few years have felt like I’m trapped in the One Minute Silence song(?) called “Remain Calm) repeating “Future, My future, My Future’s in the hands of fools”. Fortunately, after the last 8 years, I have a very low bar set for the success of the new regime. I hope that he can actually do something.

Of course he is forced to work with largely the same embarrassing cast of characters re-elected to the Congress. The same group with a lower approval rating than the Doofuss in Chief, plus a few new ones.


11. littlebangtheory - November 26, 2008

sad but true, Frau B.

Enter We The People, who need to insist that our voices be heard.

We’ve only just begun to get this ship turned around, and I’m not convinced that we even know what direction we should sail.

12. The Pagan Sphinx - November 26, 2008

I admit that I have raised an eye-brow or two over some of Obama’s picks for his cabinet. But I’m not writing them off as wrong. I think any nomination should be probed a bit by the people. Questioning is not necessarily condemning. And I personally will always have a problem with any leader of a major power using its military force to control other countries and their resources. I’m fundamentally opposed to war. I will always speak out against it and I will never unconditionally accept it without very strong justification.

But I do feel lighter. A lot more proud. I can understand this man. He is reasonable. He is very bright. And I believe truly that he will do his best. And what a mess! And what a fucked up political system! Obama’s been telling us he has a plan and he’s been clear and specific about it. He’s now President-elect Obama and he’s still outlining the same plan. I don’t recall now in what venue he was speaking but it struck me for a moment that he still sounded like he was on the campaign trail. I think that’s good. He’s not wavering. And I believe he won’t waver. He may not be able to create miracles, but he will be a very hard-working president. The man is up to the job. That he’s willing to take it on, is our good fortune. Well, we worked just as hard as he did to make it happen.

13. Spartacus - November 29, 2008

I, too, am glad that we have now have a President we can point to and NOT feel embarrassed by his presence. But we need more than just a change in the intelligence quotient in the White House and that won’t start happening until January 20, 2009.

14. Pia - December 9, 2008

Hear, hear, even if I live on the other side of the pond. Well said.

15. Fahrisal Akbar - January 13, 2009

Peace…. 😀

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