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More Gloom, Less Doom. November 14, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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As one who suffers from Seasonal Affect Disorder, I have long dreaded this time of year.  It’s interminably gray, and for a person who works outdoors (and enjoys being outdoors in my spare time,) it entails a fair amount of extra work to achieve a state of acceptable discomfort.

Having photography as a hobby has gone a long way toward changing that.  These days I find myself hoping that it rains at some point during the day, because despite the inevitable chill to my spine and stiffening of my knuckles, I can expect some atmospherics and mystery on my ride home.

Today, coming home over the hills in Plainfield and Savoy, I stopped at a roadside bog to try my hand at capturing what I saw and felt.

At first, it was stark and still and beautiful:


But as I immersed myself in it, surrendered to it, it became something more, revealing a sub-torporous vitality which belied its initial impression of grayness:


Yeah, I played with that a little; but only enough to reflect what happened in my mind as my eyes adjusted to the subtilty of this scene.

I know, it’s a piss-poor substitute for vitamin D, but it’s all I got.


1. Sylvia Kirkwood - November 14, 2008

Your words are always as beautiful as your photos and they are stunning! I have a little problem with the endless gray this time of year. By the way, I’ve put a “straight people for gays” banner on my blogsite, it’s not much, but I’ll continue to do all I can. Have a good weekend.

2. Sylvia Kirkwood - November 14, 2008

I should have said, it is “straight people for marriage equality”.

3. littlebangtheory - November 14, 2008

Yes, Sylvia, that is all we are asking for: EQUALITY. How the hell that’s an affront to anybody else is difficult to comprehend.

Thanks for your nice words re: the snapshots, and you have a nice weekend too.

4. Bob - November 14, 2008

Gorgeous!! (as ever)

Is that first one a beaver pond? I love the starkness of the dead pine/fir in the water.

5. Bob - November 14, 2008

Oh, forgot to reply to your comment at my place….

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a radio station that carries the weekly address/response. 🙂

6. littlebangtheory - November 14, 2008

Bob, thanks again.

Yeah, they’re both at the same roadside beaver pond. Take pictures, but don’t drink the water, if you catch my ameobic drift.

And yeah, you have that kinda station. It streams live on the ‘Puterbox, and is amazing in more ways than I could count; Just follow the link. You may never turn it off.

7. dcup - November 14, 2008

Knock my socks off! During the summer, I found myself craving some gloomy days. Now I’m anxious for some sun. Never satisfied, am I?

8. littlebangtheory - November 14, 2008

Why be satisfied? Get psyched! Winter’s coming!!!

9. Bobbie - November 14, 2008

Marvelous pictures, as always.
My youngest suffers from SAD. One reason why she moved to Monterey, CA. I’m much bothered by something similar to it myself. I’m never sure when it’s that or when it’s arthritis. A toss up. But I know I hate November.

10. sherry - November 15, 2008

you are a very special spirit!

11. susan - November 16, 2008

I’ve never been diagnosed with SAD but I prefer to only see doctors when they’re paying me so I don’t go looking for trouble. Nevertheless, moving to Portland wasn’t the best idea for someone who gets affected by months worth of long overcast days. Your photographs indeed clarify the subtle delight that lurks for those willing to enjoy the moment.

On the other matter, I remain hopeful that fairness and equality win out.

12. PortlyDyke - November 16, 2008

CR — your photos just blow. me. away. every. time.

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