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Some Things Come Early. October 29, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Love and Death.
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A Moral Compass,

A Sense of Self,


And Marriage,

If You So Desire.

An October Snow,

A Reason To Stay In,

To Snuggle Up,

And To Get On

With Life.

-A blizzard blowing through scrub and trees, Florida, MA, October 29, 2008


1. Sylvia Kirkwood - October 29, 2008

You always say it just right and they are great reminders. The snow is beautiful — although I bet it was, indeed, white knuckle driving time.

2. DCup - October 29, 2008

I understand that congratulations are in order. I think that’s lovely. And it adds a special quality to your words.

(and brrrrrr. I would dive back under the covers and stay there.)

3. littlebangtheory - October 29, 2008

Well then, Doooo! 😉

4. dianne - October 29, 2008

I love how snow makes the world still for a bit

and then I want it to melt

or only stick in the park

5. sherry - October 30, 2008

i would but max gets up early and wants fed and walked and then a snack and then outside again a few more times all BEFORE 10 A.M.


6. Randal Graves - October 30, 2008

What beauty. See, I don’t know why winter gets such a bad rap. (Yes, I’m conveniently ignoring black ice and blizzards and such!)

7. The Pagan Sphinx - October 30, 2008

I dreamed about snow Tuesday night and my dream looked almost exactly like this: the amount of snow dusting the woods, the sky, the trees. I dreamed a photograph. Or maybe you photographed my dream. The mind’s eye is a beautiful thing.

Hugs and love,

8. littlebangtheory - October 30, 2008

The best part of winter was that fireplace.

9. susan - October 30, 2008

Once again you’ve made me miss living in New England and southern Ontario. One day real winters will claim me again but til then I’ll rely on your photographs.

Congratulations on your dear daughter’s marriage. I’m very happy for all of you.

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