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Fire In The Sky! October 27, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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It was a gray day today, leaden even, and damp, with only the most occasional thinning of clouds revealing a backdrop of blue.

On the ride home it was apparent that it had already rained in places:

…and my Shutter Finger started to twitch when an errant sliver of sunlight illuminated a field off to my left.

“What if,” I thought, “it opens up a bit more as sunset approaches?”

So I hung a left and climbed a steep dirt single-track to a high meadow I know, and waited.

Parked and watching, it became clear that he pewter sky was constructed of layers moving in opposite directions, and that the lower gray level was indeed thinning, revealing a sea of flaming cirrus clouds:

And for about two minutes as the sun disappeared, the sky was a riot:



1. Sylvia Kirkwood - October 27, 2008

What incredible colors! I got some similar shots today at a park near the Sound and they would change completely every few mintues and I was clicking away. They turned out pretty well, I’ll have to post some tomorrow.

Yes, namaste.

2. littlebangtheory - October 27, 2008

Yeah, gotta be quick about it in this weather – ya snooze, ya lose, as they say.

I’ll watch for those pictures!

3. Bobbie - October 28, 2008

Your part of the world is very beautiful.

4. sherry - October 28, 2008

so magnificent.

5. Randal Graves - October 28, 2008

Bloody hell, these are wonderful.

6. kkryno - October 28, 2008

All of these shots are so lovely. You’re neck of the woods is sweet!

7. littlebangtheory - October 28, 2008

Yes indeed, I have a sweet neck. Too bad you folks aren’t closer, you might get a chance to experience it for yourself. 😉

8. Fran - October 28, 2008

Oh my… oh my! These are amazing, as always. I love the last one best.

9. littlebangtheory - October 28, 2008

I know, it’s all Cisteney-Weeny Chapel and such, eh?

Thanks for popping by!

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