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I Told  You It Was Coming! October 23, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Winter, that is.

I usually like it when the Big Snow holds off until the leaves have dropped; Pagan Sphinx will remember the occasion which taught us that lesson.

But I’ve been feeling the bite of the changing seasons, and when the sun came up over my job site, I was greeted by this:

A blanket of ice fog rolling over the summit of Mount Greylock, nearly obscuring the Veterans’ Memorial Tower.

The snow line came down to about 1800 feet (I’m estimating,) leaving the valley dry after the morning dew blew off.

I’m cold, as I always am at the beginning of Winter, but excited; I know I’ll thicken up to it, and Winter in these parts is my favorite time of year.

It’s just so damned beautiful.


1. Fran - October 23, 2008

Astoundingly gorgeous!!!

2. littlebangtheory - October 23, 2008

Why Thank You, Sweetie! 😉

3. dcup - October 23, 2008

Wow! I’m looking forward to more of your winter pix.

4. Bob - October 23, 2008

Lucky bastard.

(and I mean that in the best possible way)

5. Sylvia Kirkwood - October 23, 2008

Incredibly gorgeous! And like everyone else I’m eager to see more winter photos!

6. littlebangtheory - October 23, 2008

Thanks, but expect them to be sporadic for a while – real winter won’t get here ’till the end of December.

‘Till then, I’ll pay occasional visits to Higher Places to snag some cool white for us all!

(And Bob, yes I am! )

7. sherry - October 24, 2008

geeezzz, that’s something!!!

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