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Hoosic River Red. September 27, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

Friday at work, it rained like hell most of the day, and rained like autumn for the rest of it.

And the river rose, the Hoosic River, winding its way through North Adams, flowing incongruously Northward  through the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, defying gravity, defying geography, defying logic, escaping Westward into New York, spilling its juices into the womb of the Hudson, and finally, finally heading Southward, as though it had suddenly realized the folly of its ways, the futility of its trajectory, the irresistable pull of the sea.

Back in North Adams, Virginia Creeper festoons the concrete walls where the aberrant river once overflowed its mud banks:


1. Fran - September 27, 2008

Stunning… I can see the river in my imagination. Beautiful.

And yes- I am overdue for a visit to you all in Massachusetts… the fall is a lovely time, if only our weekends were not so crazy!

2. Sylvia Kirkwood - September 27, 2008

Really beautiful and, yes, I can see the river, too. You do know how to wind down the day. Thanks!

3. kkryno - September 28, 2008

Your illustrative words paint lovely images and your photos are a great bonus. Thank you .

4. sherry - September 28, 2008

really striking!

5. The Pagan Sphinx - September 28, 2008

What a photograph! I come here to see what a real photographer does and it sure does pale in comparison to my own eye and the little Canon I use!


6. Bobbie - September 28, 2008

Very beautiful!

7. Utah Savage - September 28, 2008

Honey, I just saw a comment you left on an older post of mine about our old girls club of followers and twitter. We must have you with us. Please, come and click with us. We love you.

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