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A Late Summer Palette. September 20, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Love and Death.

There’s an urgency to the blooms of September and October; they know they’re doomed, doomed I say, if they don’t attract a pollinator, like, toute-de-suite!

So they exude a warmth, an intensity lacking at other times of the year, they glow, they vibrate a bit, they clench themselves tightly before releasing in a flood of color, briefly witnessed, remembered through the long winter, hoped for in the dark days leading up to Spring, King of the Seasons, a template for the continuance of our faith in you, Mother Earth, our trust in you, Father Sky, our grounding in the dependability of change.

Thank you, Mother Earth, Thank you Father Sky.

And Thank you, my Readers, for bearing with me as I think out loud about what is and what isn’t.


1. kkryno - September 21, 2008

These are one of my grandmother’s favorites! Thanks for sharing. We have “termination dust” on the mountains behind our house.
It creeps down a bit every day; just a gentle reminder that fall is over and winter is nye.

2. sherry - September 21, 2008

those are amazing. thanks so much.

3. Randal Graves - September 21, 2008

What rich color.

4. littlebangtheory - September 21, 2008

Vikki, autumn officially begins tomorrow – I think your particular geographical circumstance is unique among my visitors here! We’ve so far dodged our first frost, and I’m hoping to get a couple more weeks out of our growing season, with the garden still keeping me stuffed!

Youz Other Guys, thanks – the richness of the color was indeed what caused me to pull over and shoot a few from across the road (with Gizmo on duty.)

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