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Plan B. July 28, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Dinner with TCR.
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So “Plan A” was to try to make raviolis out of a mushroom I found.

But I couldn’t find my flour, which of course shot that plan all to hell.

So I did the next best (and way easier) thing and cooked some good, freshly made store-bought units:

(These being of the Roasted-Red-Pepper-and-Smoked-Mozzarella variety)

Then sautéd the first fruits of my garden into a sauce built around the afore-mentioned mushroom.

I got a little red onion and a handful of basil on the board, then minced half a bulb of fresh garlic:

Then I toasted the ‘shroom and garlic in a thin slick of Extra-V olive oil, mostly ’cause I can, and added the red/green onion a bit later. As the mixture danced on the razor’s edge of carbonization, I splashed in a couple ounces of white wine, full-throttling the heat ’till it all exploded in a cloud of spicy steam and pan-bound sugars.

“I dream of caramel, and long for you…”

Yes, dream on, I’m not quite done.

Out with the veggies, in with the cream, and deglaze ’till it’s a done deal, the bubbling reduction containing every atom of its original incarnation, but now transformed into sugars and a thick sauce, into which the veggies return, are tossed, and are ladled onto the waiting raviolis:

Toasted Wild Mushroom (of unspecified genus) in a White Wine/Cream Sauce on The Raviolis of Your Dreams.

Enjoy it while you can.


1. sherry - July 29, 2008

very pretty looking dinner!

2. johnieB - July 29, 2008

I see we use the same brand of ravioli. I don’t do Garlic Cream Sauce as often as I would like, so as to keep my PCP from blowing a gasket, but it’s been quite a while.

My favorite ravioli, which hasn’t been available for months, is lemon/ asparagus.

3. Randal Graves - July 29, 2008

You hippies and your magic mushrooms.

4. DCup - July 29, 2008

Allow me to just say YUM.

5. littlebangtheory - July 29, 2008

DC, Permission Granted! 😆

jb, lemon-asparagus sounds delectable. I had some mushroom and mascarpone lately which was neigh unto orgasmic, if I may be so candid. And I can, ’cause it’s my blog!! 😉

RG, there’s all kinds of magic in my life, some of which definitely involves mushrooms, but none of which involves kickin’ cow pies. 😦

sherry, Thank’ye, ma’am!

6. The Pagan Sphinx - July 30, 2008

Well, this is a humbling experience. I did my first ever food post and well, it just…doesn’t measure up to this.

But SG2 did help me make the pesto and the girls and I ate dinner outside so it added to the experience. We used our own basil….just go read about it! 🙂

And the Suzanne Vega lyric was a nice touch. 😉

7. beatgrl - August 1, 2008

Oh yes…

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