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G’Morning! July 27, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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After a night of rain, the sun rises, and with it, the river:

We’ve been needing the rain; crops and gardens are behind schedule:

Now the race is on, with the weeds taking an early lead and my garden plants struggling to stay competitive.

At least the woodchucks haven’t returned!


1. DCup - July 27, 2008

Mmmmm. Lovely.

Well done, you! Like postcards, only better.

2. Bob - July 27, 2008


Just… wow.

That top pic blows my banner pic outta the water.


3. littlebangtheory - July 27, 2008

Kindly rejoined, mes amis.


4. littlebangtheory - July 27, 2008

…and Bob, I just went back and looked at your banner, and it’s a gorgeous horizontal framing, which I could never do here, as we only have pockets of that kind of terrain and conditions.

Heck, you folks have whole mountain ranges named for their “smoky” appearance!

5. susan - July 27, 2008

Just spent a very nice half hour looking at your posts and pics from the last while. They’re all wonderful but the one that really caught my attention this time was the hot air balloons at the music festival. Perhaps that’s because I have a fantasy of living in a slower world where all long distance travel would be by gorgeously decorated zeppelins.

6. Frau Biergut - July 27, 2008

I don’t agree that we’re behind schedule. We’ve (and you, too) had local sweet corn in early July, much earlier than usual. We also have been picking the salsa peppers for several weeks.

But, yes, the rain is good. The daylillies love it!

7. ymp - July 27, 2008

Breathtaking photos. Thanks

8. kkryno - July 27, 2008

We’ve had so much rain and gloominess here that I can’t get tomatoes to set or my basil to even make an anemic go of it! Augh!!! Anyhoo, with any luck early August will warm considerably. If it doesn’t, I am screwed for fresh herbs! 😦 “They” say it’s an unseasonably cool and drizzly Anchorage for this time of year. I’m still waiting for summer, ANY summer! Your pics are wonderful! The top one is so mysterious (surely you’ve heard that already; but I mean it!) Love, Vik.

9. Comrade Kevin - July 28, 2008

You might have a new occupation taking the pictures for all of those inspiration posters that all say things like.


It’s a matter of will.



10. mathman6293 - July 28, 2008

Late again, but love the pics.

11. littlebangtheory - July 28, 2008

Dood, it’s never too late to say nice things.

And CK, I’m none too inspirational, but see “Dood” above. 😉

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