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When All Else Fails… July 24, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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…there’s always (well, not always ) The Water Shot.

The mountain stream:

Or maybe a little cascade in the woods:

Baby animals can save the day too, but I don’t have any.


1. kkryno - July 24, 2008

Simply beautiful!

2. linda gordon - July 25, 2008

It is true – “one picture is worth a thousand words”. Though I suppose it depends upon the picture, of course. As I sit here agonising about climate change, trying to digest a massive amount of info from a recent conference, and wondering how to position myself as an artist – I clicked on your water pics, and this truism popped into my head.

Thanks for continually bringing me back to the real beauty of life with your pictures. Helps me stop thinking too much!

3. Spartacus - July 25, 2008

These make me want to strip down to the birthday suit and dive in for a cleansing swim. I hope you get the chance to do that every now and then.

4. DCup - July 25, 2008

Those pictures are absolutely lovely, but now I have to go pee.

5. sherry - July 25, 2008

i love the water and rock pictures even better than the flower ones. thanks.

6. Bob - July 25, 2008

Water good. 🙂

7. littlebangtheory - July 25, 2008

Yep. 😆

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