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Because You Asked. June 30, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.

A while back, some nice lady asked if I wore boxers or briefs.

The nerve of some people!!!

And of course, being the buttoned-up kinda guy that I am, I declined to answer, on accounta I’m shy.

But then I got to playing with indoor lighting effects and flashless photography, and I figured, “What the hell…”

You know where this is going, don’t you?

If you’re at work right now, you might not want to scroll down…

Or maybe you do! 🙂

Sorry for the soft-effect, but it was a four second exposure, and I got the urge to move part way through it…

Because Inquiring Minds Want To Know!


1. notfainthearted - June 30, 2008

Of course, I click over here after visiting Lisa at Unglued…..


sometimes you just can’t plan it better than the universe deals it.

2. Tengrain - June 30, 2008


The first lesson in seduction: take off your shoes AND SOCKS when doing beefcake poses.

Don’t believe me? Try cropping the picture and see the difference.



3. littlebangtheory - June 30, 2008

Whatchoo talkin’ bout, “seduction???” I’ll have you know I’m a Nice Boy!

And as for the crop-job… I’m all about the socks. 😉

4. Jennifer - July 1, 2008

Very nice. Verrrry nice indeed.


5. DCup - July 1, 2008

Because Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

You forgot the “that’s why.”

Oh, thank you, for my answer. Yeah, I’m taking credit for the question. I dig the socks, but hope you kick them off at some point during your all nighters.

Oh, and I agree with Jennifer. Verrrrrrry nice indeed.

6. sherry - July 1, 2008

oh, the socks make the photo!!!! : )

7. FranIAm - July 1, 2008

Oh my- even with the socks (I am with Tengrain on general in this regard) I feel a bit faint.

In a good way!

8. Diva Jood - July 1, 2008

It’s all about the boots, man. And the socks.

9. beatgrl - July 1, 2008

This picture made my morning today.

10. Paul in ABQ - July 1, 2008

Oh. My.

11. johnieB - July 1, 2008

Oh Damn; my last failed to post.

OK, CR; what R U up to?

Oh no! Lemme think.

Oh, never mind.

Show off.

12. Burning Prairie - July 1, 2008

thermal hunting socks?

13. littlebangtheory - July 1, 2008

BP, they’re my Night Vision™ socks.

DivaJood, I’m just a booty guy!

And johnieB, about five three…

14. Mathman6293 - July 3, 2008

Well I was looking for Dcup and… well…(not really) anyway, Tengrain is right, about the socks I mean.

15. littlebangtheory - July 3, 2008

As a softer, gentler version of the quintessential American Cowboy, I intend to die with my socks on. You’ll have to wrestle them off of me.

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