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OK, A Dinner. June 22, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Dinner with TCR.
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Organic baby spinach wilted in extra virgin olive oil, with garlic scapes, roasted garlic, roasted red peppers, pine nuts, capers and some shiitake mushrooms, served over fresh, local raviolis filled with spinach and ricotta cheese:



1. sherry - June 23, 2008

now that looks toe curling good! ; )

2. DCup - June 23, 2008

Oh. Yum.

3. + Maya Pavlova - June 23, 2008

That does it, I’m coming to visit next time I’m in New England. (With a bottle of whatever you like to drink, non-alc or alc, and some other kind of goodie.)

Fresh pasta… sigh.

4. Jane R - June 23, 2008

Oh, oops, I used my cat’s signature. But I’m the one who wrote it. She doesn’t travel, though she does like fresh goat cheese!

5. QuakerDave - June 23, 2008

I would, but I’d have to pick out the peppers or my GURD would bite me.

Looks yummy.

6. littlebangtheory - June 23, 2008

Jane, you’ll have to bring a kitty-bag home for Maya P – there’s a farm just up the road which makes and sells delectable chèvres 😉

7. littlebangtheory - June 23, 2008

And Dave, sorry about the peppers, they’re a staple of mine (as if you hadn’t noticed!)

8. diva jood - June 23, 2008

This looks like a great meal. Yesterday I found a garlic grater that is a little ceramic dish – and it grates the garlic to a fine paste – also does fresh ginger, hard cheeses – plus, it’s really cute.

9. Jane R - June 24, 2008

I eat aged chèvre (my current local favorite is the Sandy Creek from here)and every other kind, but she eats only the fresh like-farmer’s-cheese white spreadable chèvre, and also goat yogurt. Anyway, I’m comin’ to visit, though it won’t be quite right away. Keep posting those nice pictures.

If I can’t find any fresh pasta in these parts I may just have to buy that discounted hand-crankin’ pasta-maker I saw in the housewares section in the back of Ross Dress for Less next time I go back there. (They have amazing bargains in the housewares section in the back, in all their stores all over the U.S._

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