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A Couple Of Images. June 2, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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I have a backlog of just-ok photos I’m about to shit-can (that’s techie talk, you know) and I sorta salvaged a couple I found interesting despite their dearth of technical merit.

Here’s a dreamy shot of a wood mite deep in the throat of an iris in my back yard:

I always liked these brilliantly colored little guys (and gals,) despite the fact that they actually bite! Good thing they’re only the size of a fleck of cayenne pepper, or we’d all be in trouble!

And here’s a shot of one of the mullien plants in my garden, after a night of showers:

They’re all volunteers, but I like them enough to either plant around them or, in one instance, move it into a grouping.

More on The Garden soon!


1. Frau Biergut - June 2, 2008

I like the iris image. It has an impressionist feel to it.

Here’s a whole body of work by a well known photographer: http://www.williamneill.com/ImpressionsofLight/index.html

Bill Neill has been doing this very thing on purpose for a number of years. Who knew camera shake could be so interesting?


2. Dusty - June 2, 2008

Wow CR, the first one is amazing!

3. littlebangtheory - June 2, 2008

Thanks, Dusty 🙂

And Frau B, it was the wind, ceaseless as it’s been these past several weeks. But the result is pleasant nonetheless, n’est ce pas?

4. Frau Biergut - June 2, 2008

n’est ce pas? No, Hersheys! A very abstract reference from….?


5. sherry - June 2, 2008

i like them both. the first made me think of horton hears a who. yes, i know… she’s mad i tells ya!

6. DCup - June 2, 2008

I love that top photo.

Have you thought about turning the 2nd photo into a black and white? I think you could have a lot of fun messing with the contrast with those layers of leaves.

Just wondering.

7. susan - June 2, 2008

Yes, he (or she) looks quite velvety and the contrasting colors are very nice.

8. Randal Graves - June 3, 2008

I’m glad you saved these. The first one conjures up a nice image of Dubya crawling, not knowing that in a few moments he’s going to be devoured by a giant pitcher plant. I know pitcher plants aren’t purple, or giant, but it gave me a happy. 😉

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