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Love Toy. May 5, 2008

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Just got a new toy, and I’m aching to use it.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching as I explore the ins and outs of it, probing ever more deeply into the intimate natural world, exploring moist places, seeing how things grow before your very eyes.

I’m in Love with a Sigma F2.8 DG MACRO.

Hope it titillates you too.


Solar Sex Panels unfold above an atmosphere of moss in a gambit for first dibs on The Light:

The Moss Strikes Back with a phalanx of moss-goslings:

…While above them, a columbine beneficently blesses the battle:

Yeah, I’m gonna like this toy a lot.


1. Blogger Formerly Known as DCup - May 5, 2008

MathMan just walked by and wiped the drool off my chin.

2. susan - May 5, 2008

go macro! I used to set up little sculptured creatures among pieces of fabric and tiny plants and took macro pictures with my non automatic Pentax. They became storybooks to send away to friends. The new tech is wonderful and I’m glad to see you’ve found a whole new world to explore.

3. FranIAm - May 6, 2008

That is one hot toy… in the hands of one hot boy , I might add!

4. sherry - May 6, 2008


5. Pagan Sphinx - May 6, 2008

Why do you all have quilts as avitars?

6. Frau Biergut - May 6, 2008

It’s not a toy, it’s a tool! If Miz Lu hears that these things might be toys, I’ll be in deep trouble.

Nicely down Sir!

7. Frau Biergut - May 8, 2008

Also, this should be veeeeeeery useful in June as the alpine wildflowers on Mt Washington are quite small.


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