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A Message To Homophobes. March 27, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.
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So over at Shakesville there’s a thread responding to a(nother) recent Jay Leno Homophobic Moment.

Seems Jay loves him some Homo jokes, ’cause, you know, Fags are so, well, Gay.

And a few (well ok, quite a few) folks have submitted photos to Melissa expressing their deep appreciation for Mr. Leno’s sensitivity, solidarity and class.

As did I. But because I’m kind of a spaz, and because I don’t know how to send a goddam e-mail in Yahoo-friggin’-whatever, I’m not really sure I got my message across.

So I’ll repeat it here, at the risk of being redundant:

FUCK YOU, JAY. You’re not funny, unless “lookin'” is the criterion. You’re a vapid shadow of your once edgy self. You’ve sold out to your Corporate Pimps, and you suck ass.


I’m not really sure if this will dispel the recent rumors of my Bad-Assedness, but I do expect it to cause a little talk on the construction site.


1. FranIAm - March 27, 2008

Shit. I am scared o’ you.

Really. A one pound pink weight. Crikey.

In all seriousness- you are so good to do this and stand up. WTF? Jay Leno is not funny. At all.

So not cool.

You- you very very cool.

2. Paul in ABQ - March 27, 2008

You are cool and could totally whoop Leno’s ass.

You’re also one of my favorite straight-but-not-narrow men.

Thanks for standing up for us.

3. littlebangtheory - March 27, 2008

Fran – Really, what an American Embarrassment! Jay Leno, with millions of people watching, making jokes at the expense of tens of millions of Americans who aren’t like him, and are oppressed and subjugated on a daily basis.

I’m vocally disgusted.

And Paul – Yeah, with my one good arm I’d lay him down. Thanks for your kind words. I’ll stand up for you (and you, and you, and you, and my daughter) as long as I can stand up at all.

Because that’s what Jesus would have done, and He’s a personal hero of mine.

4. Spartacus - March 27, 2008

CR – You really are a bad ass, and I mean that in a good way. Besides the fact that you still walk the hills of Western Mass to shoot the landscape for us AND work a construction job with a bum shoulder tells me that you are one who never shirks from the fight.

Yes, indeed, Jay Leno is an asshole for his expressing his homophobia through his vapid attempt at humor. Let’s put it this way, he’s no Eddie Izzard.

5. littlebangtheory - March 27, 2008

Spart, how true! Eddie E., now there’s a real man! With guts and integrity and talent, and a social consciousness worthy of my respect.

Thanks for your assessment of my Incipient Bad-Assedness. I’ll try to kick something in your honor. 😉

6. sherry - March 27, 2008

i loved this! : )

7. The Pagan Sphinx - March 27, 2008

I never liked that guy. Fuckin’ asshole.

8. commander other - March 27, 2008

the talking chin car-collector has no relevance. he’s so distanced from reality, he might as well be a politician.

9. DCup - March 27, 2008

I’d love to be a fly on the wall at the construction site.

Maybe it’s time you end this bad ass talk once and for all. You have that new camera and the tripod….oh, wait, nevermind. I HAVE that picture.

It’s not a bad ass at all.

10. littlebangtheory - March 28, 2008

😆 ‘k.

11. Jane - March 28, 2008

Right on. From another straight ally, who never watches Leno and had no idea he was being such a jerk. How dare he. THIS.IS.NOT.FUNNY. (Another thing to add to FranIAm’s splendid latest post on “it’s moUrning in America.”)

12. Jane - March 28, 2008

Oops, that’s “splendid.” I need to go eat some lunch and get some protein in me so I can spell properly again.

13. littlebangtheory - March 28, 2008

See what I did there, Jane? Now everyone will think you’re losing your mind. 😉

14. Jane - March 29, 2008

Ooh, you fixed my writing.

Thass okay, I am losing my mind, either way.

15. Suzi Riot - March 29, 2008

I checked out those photos after following the link over at TitsList, but I didn’t see yours! I love it!

16. johnieB - March 30, 2008

Ditto from another who refuses to watch Leno anymore; one ass whupping is only a beginning, right?

17. pissed off patricia - April 1, 2008

Is Leno still on? If so why? He’s never been funny but he’s always been an asshole.

18. Kelso - April 5, 2008

I’m glad I don’t get NBC here. Leno’s lame. And we know all about homophobes, CR, don’t we?

By my reckoning a gay man is a man who enjoys sex with men. A homophobe is not even worthy of the descriptive name “man”. A homophobe is a fucking punk.

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