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Images From My Day. March 26, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Here are a few of the things which caught my eye today:


Maple season in these parts coincides with mud season. This is the maple part.

And this is along the brook leading down to Glendale Falls, near which I worked today:


I really shouldn’t have gone down there in my work boots; they were totally inadequate for the moderately steep but impenetrably icy terrain.

But the light was good, and I got to snap a few off:



1. sherry - March 26, 2008

neat. they maple over at beechwood farm nature reserve here.

but i love the water picture the best!

2. Tengrain - March 26, 2008

The water picture rules.

You need to get a gallery in town interested in your work.



3. The Pagan Sphinx - March 26, 2008


4. DCup - March 27, 2008

The water pic is fabulous. I love the spraying effect.

And I like the positioning of the succulent in the picture. Really nice.

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