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Death and Transfiguration March 20, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death, poetry.


In the twilight door of tomorrow, as

A long-haired preacher begs for the

Courage to meet His destiny, this

Wildly tilting world sits

Suddenly upright, transforming the

Snow white innocence of a

Season into a subtle

Suggestion of



1. distributorcap - March 20, 2008

is that bush’s pubic hair?

2. littlebangtheory - March 20, 2008

Babs’ – glad you asked!


3. DCup - March 20, 2008

Boys! Here I am to say what an incredible image that is and I walk in on a conversation worthy of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Prickly pubes. Honestly.

Besides, George the First likes Babs smooth, y’all. It’s in his memoirs.

4. sherry - March 21, 2008

just too good! as to the hair, nope, i see nothing, i know nothing…

; )

5. FranIAm - March 21, 2008

CR, I am stunned and moved. Oh how I thank you.

6. The Pagan Sphinx - March 21, 2008

to me, that spiky photo sort of looks industrial, rather than natural…it could be a Tom Waits album cover…I like it


7. Randal Graves - March 21, 2008

At least you removed the Coke can. Would’ve completely ruined the shot.

8. littlebangtheory - March 21, 2008

DCup, that’s just TMI, and a visual I’m not equipped to handle!

(I’m with you, sherry!)

Fran, I imagined you’d be otherwise occupied, but I had you in mind when I wrote this. The juxtaposition of Maudy Thursday and the Vernal Equinox seemed surreal to me, and I just had to say something about it.

PS – why yes, it could certainly be a Tom Waites cover. And you know how I love My Man Tom!

It’s actually a clump of thorns on a locust tree, taken that very day to suggest The Passion of The Christ.

And Randall, that’s one more allusion taking this thing away from where I had intended it to go. I’m normally all about Teh Crass, but this was meant to be very not-that.

9. FranIAm - March 21, 2008

I am digging the Tom Waits angle! Thanks PS!

And CR, I am having a quiet day – I did not attend the morning prayer today or the stations this afternoon. That said I will be at the service this evening.

Pax to all.

10. Bob(Phydeaux) - March 21, 2008

Oh! It’s time to dig out my CD of “Superstar”.

“What’s the buzz, tell me what’s a-happening
What’s the buzz, tell me what’s a-happening….”

Wonderful photo, Cuz.

11. Jane R - March 21, 2008

Gorgeous, CR, thank you.

And today is Good Friday and the full moon!

12. The Pagan Sphinx - March 22, 2008

I’m not happy with myself for having left such an insipid comment about the photo. I guess I was seeing it entirely from my own, narrow perspective. I also didn’t read your accompanying words. A lesson for me in taking a breath before typing and sending.

I do see the message you intended now and it’s a lovely one.

Pagan Sphinx

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