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About Water March 4, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

OK, so it’s getting to be a longish winter and I’m getting tired of white.

And just in time, there’s a change in the air – even when the temps drop, the sun is beginning to exert itself a little, and the south-facing slopes are releasing their season’s catch of liquid gold:


Water plays a key role in bringing Spring, and in birthing my heart into a new cycle of life. Its kinetic energy, rushing from cloud to sea, rolling and tumbling, leaping, countless collisions stripping untold electrons, a natural turbulence scratching a primal itch:


Water has a surface which both deserves and defies knowing. It has a pulse, a rhythm, informed and sculpted by the stone over which it flows.

I’m enjoying this turn toward Spring, watching the water, noticing its surface, seeing how it’s formed and shaped by what’s beneath it, trying to hold the stone and the surface in a single, fluid thought:


But in the fading twilight, the two become one, merging, surrendering, consuming each other, as it was in the beginning, as it is here and now:


Amen, Sister Water.



1. Jane R - March 5, 2008

Beautiful photos and comment, thank you.

2. sherry - March 5, 2008

you are a good and an old soul.

3. Pagan Sphinx - March 5, 2008

I’m from your neck of the woods and I really felt that change in the air today. It rained most of the day, diminishing the snow and ice and the wind had that particular March feel to it.

These water photos are so crisp. Can almost feel how cold the water is.

4. Comrade Kevin - March 5, 2008

In a month, Spring will be here and we have an explosion of powdery yellowish lob-lolly pine semen, I mean pollen.

5. littlebangtheory - March 5, 2008

Ummmmmm, great yellow clouds of pollen…


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