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And She’s Off! February 28, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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As of today, my Blogmate, Ice Climbing Partner and Meat-World Neighbor Lizz (a.k.a. Frau Biergut) hits the skies for a three week trip to the Desert Southwest, trading in her regular gig as a research biochemist for a rental car, a pup-tent and a sturdy pair of hiking boots.

The focus, heheh, of Frau B’s trip: Photography!

Yeah, she’s one of those. Only she’s a real one, who actually knows what she’s doing and all. Check out some of her work at Lizz Bartlett Photography. Browse the galleries, from New England scenes to amazing Southwestern landscapes. I think you’ll see why she was anxious to get back out West, especially with this trip (and her ambitious itinerary) being planned around peak wildflower blooms at various latitudes and elevations.

Lizz will be joined part way through her adventure by Miz Lu(mena), whom you may also know from comments on this blog. Miz Lu will have in tow the boys from her photography class, who may not yet fully comprehend how lucky they are to be going to such amazing places with two such excellent people at such a perfect time. And I bet there’ll be plenty of grumbling when the bells go off at 4am, and more when they shoulder their packs in the dark and head for the perfect vantage point from which to capture the sunrise.

But I suspect the tribulations of the getting will be washed from their minds when, back in the Boston area, their images come to life in their hands, the rich desert colors glowing through the emulsion as they practice the skills which they’ve learned over the past year.

What lucky, lucky boys!

I’d be jealous if I hadn’t been there, or didn’t believe I’d be back some day soon with a real camera and a good friend to share the days with.

This wasn’t my year, Lizz, but I thank you sincerely for the invitation. Call when you get back to Rolling J Farm, ‘k?

Into the future, then!


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