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A Logical Progression February 23, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Dinner with TCR.
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…Of dinners, that is.

I tend to buy ingredient in quantities which amount to more than one meal, because I’m both lazy and, um, Fiscally Under-Resourced.

As a result, there’s frequently something left over from the preparation of a meal, be it par-cooked or still in its package.

So at the risk of boring you all, I’ll admit to a certain sort of gradual morphing of menus based primarily on what’s left over from my last attempt at cookery. For instance, a stir-fry of chicken and vegetables might result in left-over chicken, which will appear in a subsequent meal.

Such was the case after my recent foray into the world of White Anchovies. I had about half of the package left, and not being in a position to waste food, I had to find a way to prepare the remainder.

Well, Duh. That would be pizza!

So here it is, a Very White Pizza:


Made on a pair of locally produced flat-breads, topped with artichoke hearts, the aforementioned white anchovies, chopped marinated green olives, fresh garlic, and a goodly amount of shaved Manchego (sheeps’ milk) cheese.

It’s been a while since I had pizza, but this came out good enough to prompt me to get back to the genre on a regular basis!


1. notfainthearted - February 25, 2008

So, would it be plagiarism if I just cooked what you cook a few days later. You come up with the BEST ideas and I’m at a kitchen creativity low just now.

Looks delicious.

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