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Along The Road February 9, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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It’s snowing again today, which pleases me greatly, but the combination of “flat” light and a camera-killing cloud of swirling wetness made the day less than productive.

I managed to play Slide and Seek with a small-town snow plow to get this shot up in Rowe, wrestling an umbrella onto my tripod, working both ends of a bungee cord with one hand, praying for a lull in the breeze so the umbrella wouldn’t take my camera for a catastrophic ride.

I managed this:


I’m working on my water shots these days, so ‘scuse me if I get a bit repetitive.


1. sherry - February 9, 2008

that’s very pretty and the grey tones are very pittsburgh like.

2. FranIAm - February 9, 2008

There is something about this photo that I find very peaceful and contemplative. I love your work and I honestly think that it is getting better. There is more of your neshema or soul in it.

3. Miz Lu(mena) - February 9, 2008

It’s that horizontal composition and that lovely, relaxing falling water that’s working on you Fran. I love the little jest of color in the oak leaves, in this which would otherwise be taken for a black and white image. Yummy. I can learn to love low contrast “flat” light like this.

Runt, have you ever considered an eBook of images, narration, poetry and whatever else?

4. Mathman6293 - February 9, 2008

Your snow pics of late almost make me miss the northern winter.

5. Phydeaux - February 10, 2008

I second Miz Lu(mena)’s motion!

6. Mauigirl - February 10, 2008

Just wanted to say all your photos are gorgeous! Phydeaux and Miz Lu are right, you could totally do an eBook or a real one for that matter!

7. Tengrain - February 10, 2008

Repeat it again and again!



8. Suzi Riot - February 10, 2008

Oh my. This photo is beautiful.

9. littlebangtheory - February 10, 2008

Too much kindness for this Runt to abide…

So… What’s an e-book?

10. littlebangtheory - February 10, 2008

…And Miz Lu, I booted the saturation to 150% to make those oak leaves show their stuff. Not too much gets by you, eh?

I really value you-all’s feedback on my photography – I’m serious about wanting to make it better, and about wanting to speak to you in some way.

11. DCup - February 10, 2008

For all of my whining through Chicago winters, you have taught me to appreciate the beauty of the season in this form.

Not to say I wouldn’t still whine my way through a Chicago winter if I still lived there……

12. Spartacus - February 11, 2008

We don’t get snow like this in NYC anymore. The oceans are just too warm for that to happen. Thanks for reminding me and Rick what it looks like. These are fascinating shots.

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