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Dooooon’t Goooooo Ouuuuut!!! February 1, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death, music.
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Spent an hour and a quarter getting home from my first physical therapy appointment this evening, mostly because of the people 20 cars ahead of me driving 20 mph, and the people behind them being afraid to pass.

But that’s OK, really; the road was deep in slush, and my windshield wipers were struggling to deal with the freezing rain.

The Portuguese have an expression which is appropriate for this situation:

“Better an hour late in this life than a minute early in the next!”

So if you live in the Northeast, don’t go out tonight if you don’t really have to.

Take it away, Johnny!


1. sherry - February 2, 2008

i’ll have to remember that saying! we have fools here in big ass suvs going way over the speed limt while on cell phones and reading the paper or eating or…

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