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A Gray Mood… January 23, 2008

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Elder Progeny confessed to me the other day that in winter, when she isn’t busy, i.e. at school, she tends to stay up all night and sleep late into the day, mostly because of the emotional effect the incessant grayness has on her.

I’m similarly affected by SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder, as if you didn’t know,) but have always dealt with it by being hyper-physical, e.g. hiking to the tops of hills in the dark through deep snow to watch the sun rise, etc.

If I ever get us a decent sun-lamp, I’ll probably sit home and turn into a three hundred pound Beach Ball.

This winter has been difficult for me, with ankle and knee injuries preceding my shoulder fiasco, and an early winter which has devolved into a morass of monotones and flat light which makes Dorothy’s pre-twister Kansas look like The Emerald City.

Nonetheless, in an effort to appear to be a Sportin’ Type, I’ve decided to embrace the grayness for a while, at least when the rainbows aren’t to be found.

So here are three photos from The Dark Side, taken in the last two days, which both speak of the weight I feel and have a certain peaceful quality which I’d probably be better off embracing than struggling so feebly against.

Morning Twilight through my kitchen window, after a light snowfall:


A Farmscape under deep, crusted powder snow:


…and Yesterday’s Moonrise:


That is all.

Slackin’ January 23, 2008

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Yeah, I know, I’m falling down on the job. Low morale, I’m gettin’ fat, my ass hurts from laying in bed, driving’s painful.

Poor Me.

Tried to get up for some Sunrise pics; slept ’till 11am, then watched the entire Davis Fleetwood catalog (thanks for the headworm, Cuz!)

Then spent two hours getting showered and dressed with one hand and made it to the High Country just after the best Sunset colors had passed.

The Consolation Prize: a way – high contrail, still in the sun:


Then, as I turned to leave:  a Moonrise over a massive cloud-bank disappearing eastward, still holding a delicate pink afterglow from its embrace of the sun:


Oh well. Ya Snooze, Ya Lose. Unless there’s still some desert left. 😉

No Limits, No Excuses. January 20, 2008

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No more whining about how my shoulder will never be all it once was (not that it was ever all that. )

After seeing this over at Saying Nothing Charmingly, I have nothing to say except “Thank You, Christina.”

Owning It. January 20, 2008

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There are so many, many people in this world whose personal experiences of the horrors of war so far exceed our most paralyzing nightmares as to render our most heart-felt attempts to relate to them pitifully insufficient.

Forty years ago We, America The Beautiful, sent our sons half way around the world to fight in Viet Nam. Fifty thousand of my brothers and cousins and neighbors and friends died there, and many times that number came home so damaged that they were never again whole.

But this loss, so deeply felt by those of us who watched the flag-draped coffins come home day after week after month, was dwarfed by the losses of the Viet Namese. An estimated two million of their people, soldiers and civilians, old people, children, babies, were shot, bayonetted, burned alive as entire villages were incinerated, shredded to ribbons as mile after square mile of their beautiful country was carpet-bombed into a lifeless moonscape, by our pilots, with our tax dollars, in our name.

Forty years later, even as their children are still being born with deformities from the hideous poisons we so generously spread over everyone and everything in that small country, the people of Viet Nam welcome Americans with open arms, warm smiles and the genuine hospitality one might expect from brothers.

And it’s not because they’ve forgotten the stench of their dead, or the visions of their family members burning as they ran to their graves.

It’s at least in part because they came to understand that We The People stood up to our government, faced down the Dogs of War, made it STOP.

We took it to the streets, occupied parks, intersections, Campus Centers and City Halls. We faced down lines of riot police and threw their tear-gas canisters right back at them. We marched on Washington, went to jail in massive numbers, and screamed Bloody Murder into every television news camera we could find.

We owned that war. We assumed responsibility for the decisions of our Leaders, felt the horror and injustice of it with every fiber of our beings, and we ENDED IT.


Today we are fighting another war, perhaps equally horrible, at least equally unjust, based on bald-faced lies, executed with unbridled arrogance, propelled by insatiable greed, defended with a hubris unheard of in the history of our Nation. The Iraqi death toll has long since passed half a million people, most of them civilians. Neighboring countries are staggering under the weight of an estimated four million refugees, people who owned homes and enjoyed a decent standard of living before our ill-advised adventurism precipitated their flight into joblessness, hopelessness, and the desperation of people who have spent the last of their savings waiting for a chance to return to God-knows-what.

It’s true that out Government has learned a lot since our debacle in Viet Nam. Gone are the roving reporters detailing the death and destruction, replaced by “embedded” observers of only what our military wants them to show us. Gone is the daily footage of cargo planes off-loading flag-draped coffins into warehouses to await their final train ride home to Mom and Dad. Missing from our daily consciousness is that heart-breaking death counter in the corner of the television screen as we eat our dinners in front of the nightly news.

It’s not that these things aren’t happening; it’s just that it’s so much easier to control a population who get their Oval Office Spin from Fox “News,” who would rather watch “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” than “Who Wants To Be A Quadriplegic.”

But for those of us who care to know, the internet provides images of the awful truth: the wild-eyed wail of a blood-spattered child standing amidst the scattered pieces of a parent who was just a little closer to the bomb, the helpless horror in the eyes of a Mother cradling her charred baby as it takes its last shuddering breath, the dream-like desperation of a Father searching for his Son among the mutilated corpses in a make-shift morgue.

This isn’t just a war, people – it’s our war. Initiated by Our President, MY President, God Damn him. Paid for with half a trillion dollars borrowed by We The People, and with the blood of our Sons and Daughters and Brothers and Sisters.

It isn’t Harry Reid’s job to stop this war, or Nancy Pelosi’s, or even the next President’s. It’s OUR job.

And as long as we have the audacity to claim that we live in a Democracy, the people of the world have every right to hold us fully responsible for the actions of our Government.

How we will be judged forty years from now depends on what we are willing to do today. And my friends, we can’t stop this madness until we admit to owning it.


For the memories and emotions and inspiration for these thoughts, I’d like to credit Christina over at Saying Nothing Charmingly. Her very moving and personal account of a recent incident in her life is well worth the read, and I promise, it’s blessedly brief compared to my intergenerational ramblings.

And a special H/T to Phydeaux for the link to Christina’s post.

Dinner With TCR January 19, 2008

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Elder Progeny professed a craving for seafood, so…


Mahogany Clams and Fresh Basil over Rotelle in a light cream sauce.


Whoooo Loves Ya, Baby? January 19, 2008

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I do! 😉

In The Days Of The Long Nights January 19, 2008

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The Sun, low too soon,


The Shadows, long and true across the silent waters,


Jagged reality, gentled by curves of kindness,


The stillness of the moment


Promising the Fullness of Tomorrow.



Friday Cat Blogging January 18, 2008

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Here, kitty-kitty-kitty…

sticky rubber...meow!!

Nice kitty! How about a belly rub?

Yeah, like that!


The Last First Supper January 17, 2008

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…With one arm, that is.

Tonight, white-fish fillets sautéed in Miz Lu(Mina)’s stewed tomatoes and peppers and onions and LOTS of black peppercorns:


…over American Basmatti rice.


A Special Thanks… January 17, 2008

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…to FranIAm for helping me to snap out of my med-induced coma for long enough to pass a brainstone.

Not necessarily a coherent brainstone, but hey, it hurt like The Real Thing…

Palpate said ‘stone below…