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You Deserve This. December 30, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in music.
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You, my friends, deserve this. Because The Art Of Noise kicks ass and because Max Headroom Rulz the Universe!

H/T to Randal for reminding me!


1. Randal Graves - December 30, 2007

And thank you sir, for spreading Max’s message of peace, love and paranoia!

2. distributorcap - December 30, 2007

max headroom was the most original kickass show when it first came out in the 80s…i loved it and i usually dont love anything on television

3. Phydeaux S - December 30, 2007

Dude, I still have the “Best of Art of Noise” cassette!!!! They did some waay cool shit.

4. littlebangtheory - December 30, 2007

Their “Kiss” with Tom Jones sauced my pasta.

5. Phydeaux S - December 31, 2007

Cuz’n Hector, that’s the very tune I were lookin’ fer on teh Utoob, but “all” I could find was the Peter Gunn theme (which, if I can believe you any more, kicked your ass).

But, that’s not why I revisited this thread.

I came back to point out that the aforementioned cassette is fun to look at… cause I ain’t got no tape player.

Condi Dub

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