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Some Recent Images December 27, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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It’s a gray and drizzly day here in Massachusetts, with temps hovering just below freezing. So I spent a while this morning going through the files and finding a few shots which I haven’t shared yet.

Here’s one of a recent morning in my valley:


A mid-day trip up to the hills, where low clouds rolled in to steal the rainbow from the landscape


And a peaceful evening coming on:


Hope you’re all having a fine day as we head toward the last weekend of the year!



1. dcup - December 27, 2007

Pretty, pretty.

2. distributorcap - December 27, 2007

i had a wonderful few days in Marblehead — what a pretty town……. what a great state…

3. littlebangtheory - December 27, 2007

Dude, ya drove right past me!

4. FranIAm - December 28, 2007

Lovely lovely photos. You have the skills my friend, you do indeed.

5. Randal Graves - December 28, 2007

Those are some exceptional shots.

6. littlebangtheory - December 28, 2007

Thanks Folks. It’s been a mix of dramatic weather types lately, with spectacularly-lit clouds interspersed with a dense grayness.

Sometimes I feel like I’m documenting the weather!

7. sherry - December 28, 2007

dense greyness, that would be pittsburgh! ; )

8. Mauigirl - December 29, 2007

Lovely peaceful images…thanks for posting, they’re a comfort and pleasure to see!

9. Tengrain - December 29, 2007

Doooooood – you should sell that one of the steeple. Seriously. Make some bucks. You got a real eye.



10. beatgrl - December 29, 2007

Just missed you at the pub tonight, I showed up late. Folks was on tonight. I’m sure everyone enjoyed the mammalian frog! 😆

11. Phydeaux S - December 29, 2007

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