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Passion! December 26, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in music.
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I ask you: Is there anything more passionate than a Virtuosic Flamenco Guitarist?

Well, yes Runt. Yes there is.

But here we sit in different cities with our pants on, so for tonight The Flamenco Virtuoso Javier Conde will have to do:

Note: Please “click” the picture. The “play arrow” isn’t working!

By the way, the “play arrow” on this video is giving an error message, but if you click on the picture you’ll get the vid.

What’s that you say? You were hoping to see The Lady do the dance which goes with this music?

Well it just so happens that you’re in luck. Much luck.

Here’s a beautifully filmed segment of Anita La Maltesa dancing to the able guitar of Ramon Ruiz. Keep a cold damp cloth handy. And ladies, our sensuous Anita is joined by an Iberian God toward the end, so hang in there.

Buenos Nochez, Amigos.


1. Hill - December 27, 2007

YouTube was being an asshole and wouldn’t let me watch the first one. Said it was no longer available.

That being said, the second one? WOW!!

Love it!

Love this, too!

Uh huh. Love that tango thingie…


2. littlebangtheory - December 27, 2007

Hey, A Guest from The West!

Checked on Javier this morning, he played me up just fine. sorry you missed it!

And Oooh Baby, Tango is another form of foreplay which gets my attention. Thanks for that link


3. FranIAm - December 27, 2007

No first vid for me either!!!

Tango is another form of foreplay… I love you CR, you are the best!

I love me some flamenco and have fond memories of Sevilla and some of the best flamenco evah.

Check out Paco de Lucia’s website and a favorite Paco CD of mine “Cositas Buenas”.

Mmmmm mmmmmm good.

4. littlebangtheory - December 27, 2007

Ladies, I just clicked Javier’s “play-arrow” (um, why does that sound wrong to me?) and I got the “Not Available” message; but then clicked the body of the picture, and it worked. Good Luck!

5. Phydeaux S - December 27, 2007

It no work for me, either (1030AM Th 27 Dec 2007 AD)….

Also? While I am wearing pants, I ain’t in no skeenkin’ city!!!!

6. FranIAm - December 27, 2007

Play-arrow? You are dastardly and delicious all at once. Play-arrow!

7. littlebangtheory - December 27, 2007

😉 Did clicking the picture work for anyone?

8. Flamenco dancer - February 4, 2009

CLicking the picture did not work for me, so i went to youtube and searched for Javier Conde and it comes up. Great video

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