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Incoming! November 27, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in Dinner with TCR.

The wind blows, the leaves fall, the herbs come in.


This is your new home, buddies. Beneath a big, south-facing kitchen window. Hope you like it!


1. DCup - November 27, 2007

I need to do that – grow the herbs in a container that I can bring in. They’re perennials that come back each year from the ground, but over the winter, there’s nothing….

Thanks for the idea. I’m so thick sometimes. Oh, wait. Cats. The cats will eat them.

Maybe indoors with some sort of cloche?

Now I’m going to have to puzzle over this….

2. Phydeaux - November 27, 2007

DCup, ever heard of a terrarium? 😉

3. littlebangtheory - November 27, 2007

How about hanging plants, Mmm, in a kitchen window. Or an old-fashioned round-top bird cage on a pretty little table by the door.

I’m not blessed with kittehz, but I kinda like that idea anyway!

4. DCup - November 27, 2007

Phydeaux! Dang, the girl’s brain ain’t phyrin’!

Great ideas, all around. Now who’s gonna do the repotting for Miss Lazypants?

5. littlebangtheory - November 28, 2007

Gurrrl, I have a seriously brown thumb.

And before Phy beats me to it, it ain’t from that!

So “Repot, Ye Sinner,” and good luck!

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