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A Very Fine Day October 22, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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So today went pretty well for this purportedly lost soul. I slept in a bit (I’m usually up fairly early for work,) then hustled up into the hills in time to see the mist rising off the Deerfield River:


Then, energized by the cool, crisp air, I kept driving all the way to Mount Greylock, highest point in the state (3,491 feet. I know Phy, I’m a flatlander!) Took the Money Brook Trail to just short of its intersection with the summit auto road


It was beautiful, and cool enough to make me want to hustle to keep warm.

Then back home to the valley, where it was… SHIRT-SLEEVE WEATHER!


So off I went to Salmon Falls, ten minutes to the East and a very nice spot on a warm afternoon:


Aahhh, lying in the sun with the sound of the falls sending the troubled world packing. It’s a beautiful place, famous for its glacial plunge-pools (a.k.a. “The Pot-Holes.”)


I noodled around there ’till the air cooled and the sun’s rays slanted perceptibly, then headed for higher ground in time for a memorable sunset:


No camera tricks there folks, just point and shoot.

There are worse places to be alone.


1. Phydeaux - October 22, 2007

Dude, if I’m reading the Google Earth images correctly, you ain’t in the flatlands. Here’s a simple test you can perform:

1) step outside and turn a full circle.
2) if you see hills/mountains all around, you are not a flatlander!
3) for the purposes of mental health/contentment, repeat step one on a regular basis.

I hope that helps πŸ˜‰

(btw, I so snagged that first pic for my ever-expanding folder of nature images)

2. sherry - October 22, 2007

truly beautiful. we have land like that in pa. i adore the hills and the changing seasons tho i am getting tired of the late winter when i turn blue from the cold and smufy-like! ; )

3. beatgrl - October 22, 2007

Wow – autumn in the northeast. I like the glowing of that yellow tree by the falls. The lichen and mosses are stunning this week, too. So are the potholes a summertime swimming spot? Can you get naked and wet there? Do folks often indulge in herbal medicine while visiting? Just wondering.

Sweet picture of you, Cunning, BTW. You should know that while your prose makes me think of you as a whole person, the headless portraits force me to see you as merely a hunky sex object. Good MORNING!!

4. DCup - October 22, 2007

I’m with beatgirl. you’re fascinating on many levels, but um…..oooh la la!

5. FranIAm - October 22, 2007

What amazing photos. Including the one of you.

Perhaps I will leave Mr He Is home if you are good enough to invite me for risotto… No no no that will never do. But I did think it for a lingering second or two or 45.


6. littlebangtheory - October 22, 2007

OK, “By The Numbers:”

Sherry, I bet you’d make the cutest little blue smurf!   πŸ˜†

beatgrl, QQQQQQQQQQ. (That’s ten-Q, if you didn’t count ’em πŸ˜‰ ) This place is an excellent early summer swimming hole, but by mid-summer and foliage season it can be really well-peopled. And it’s right in the center of our scenic little village (with lots of artsy-fartsy shops and restaurants and a cool little music scene) so it’s not the place to get natural. But if getting natural (and attaining transgressional transcendance) is on the agenda, I know LOTS of mountain streams with pools and falls where there’s plenty of privacy…

But Ladies (beatgrl, DCup,) you’re making my head swell… or is that TMI?  πŸ˜†

And Cuz, I do the Smiling 360 many times a day, and yeah, there ain’t an inch of flat! I used the term specifically with you in mind, as our state’s highest peak is roughly half the size of, oh, say Mt. Mitchell. BTW back atcha, help yourself to the scenics – glad you like ’em!

And lastly, FranIAm, if you leave your man home, we’re screwed! I mean, “In Trouble”… I mean…

7. Dawn Klein - February 16, 2009

Loved your photos of my area!

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