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Back From The Black October 2, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in climbing.
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Hoo-eee, there’s pavement, and daylight, and electricity, and… my ‘puterbox!!!

Hi Y’all (pulls pine needles and dried leaves from scalp)! Good to be back (removes smoked jeans and annealed undies)! Ya shoulda been there (just kiddin)!

So my Gathering of Climbing Dirtbags was a huge success, eliciting unintelligible moans of presumed pleasure from The Flatlanders who were enticed to visit the Great North Woods, despite their preconceptions of the dismal climbing to be found in these parts.

Little did they know.

But NOW they know. I served them up a smorgasboard of lithic loveliness which had them massaging their groins in anticipation, and later, drooling all over each other in their feeble attempts to describe their experiences (as though we weren’t all there to see how it unfolded.)

The Jon snagged the best line of the day, which he named Caravan (as is the prerogative of the First Ascentionist):


Thirty feet of really steep, thin climbing. The man’s got a head on ’em. Kudos, my friend.

Other stuff went down, including Holedondita, sent by Nate


and The Coffin, here worked by my friend John:


I tell ya, as a broken old fart, I was roundly impressed.

So despite its dismal failure as a fund-raiser, the weekend was a super get-together of climbers from the larger region. And despite my inability to participate in the climbing, I enjoyed scurrying around with my camera and watching folks enjoy the fruits of my months-long labors, cleaning the boulders and making the surrounds inviting.

I’m already psyched for next year’s gathering!


1. Phydeaux Speaks - October 2, 2007

Glad ye had a a great time, cuz! Was the Gathering in the same spot where you built the phallic drainage ditch? It looks familiar for some reason…. course, it could be the fact that there’s boulders like that all ’round these here parts, as well.

2. sherry - October 2, 2007

glad you had a great time. where abouts is this?

3. beatgrl - October 2, 2007

Welcome back! Interesting to see all the jeans.(You’re not pictured but I know you are wearing them.) I’ve never see folks wearing em on rock over here in the fourth corner.

If my camera weren’t broken (skiing in the rain +kayaking in the rain – no wonder people don’t wear jeans), I would fiddle with it and find that menu I saw once where you can choose what kind of lightbulbs you are shooting under. I think it was a menu that one could choose once the “indoor” mode was selected. And then I would share that with you. Because I love the food. And I want to see the color.


4. DCup - October 2, 2007

Looks awesome! Welcome back. Missed your stylin’ writing and had no one to get naughty with at Skype last night.

Good on you for organizing this. You rock. (bad pun intended)

5. Miz Lu(mena) - October 3, 2007

Great to see that much great horseflesh having fun, and seriously taking care of each other: great spotting and cushion jockeying going on in the “just in case” department. An impressive bunch of guys having a great time. Love that!

Beatgrl: I think that’s called white balance, and it would make a difference on those exquisite food shots. We’ve shared a kitchen: that man knows how to eat!

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