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‘Scuse Me For A Bit… September 29, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in Uncategorized.

So I’m off to The Woods for the weekend, cad that I am, not having had the time to respond to the little band of Merry Fellows (and Fellas 😉 ) who have been supporting my blogging addiction this past week.

I always visit you when you stop by, but lately haven’t had the good manners to respond to your brilliant, funny, insightful or important posts. It’s a deficiency I’ve intended to remedy for decades now. Sorry…

I’m extending a special apology to DCup, who bestowed an undeserved honor upon me earlier this week. She subsequently posted a picture of herself in a gorgeous dress, a picture which raised a lump in my, um, throat, but you know, it was just above another picture of her beau Studly Mathman, and frankly I’m way too little to want a knock on the door from a guy like that.

And to my Siamese Cousin Phydeaux, who requested that I add “tags” to my posts: it probably isn’t hard, but I haven’t learned that trick yet. Good idea though; I’ll look into it.

So again, adieu ’till Sunday night or Monday. When I return I’ll be a year older, and probably ten pounds heavier. It is a party, you know!

And please, please don’t all get naked in my absence – I hate it when I miss the Good Stuff!


1. sherry - September 29, 2007

does that mean it’s your birthday????

happy, happy, have cake!

the corner piece has the most icing, it’s the best!

2. Jess Wundrun - September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday! I wonder, will you be celebrating a golden birthday this weekend?

3. Phydeaux Speaks - October 1, 2007

Ever’body, hurry up and put ye’re clothes back on. He’ll be back soon. And will somebody turn on the spigot so’s I can hose down the… umm… fluids?

4. sherry - October 2, 2007

i was thinking, maybe we should send out the bloodhounds to track him down?

5. sherry - October 2, 2007

oh, and i have the mr. clean and a mop handy.

6. Frau Biergut - October 2, 2007

If the good CR has not returned under his own power, the bloodhounds will be of no use. Besides, I saw his car at his house on Sunday around 5. I’m sure he’s recovering.


7. Frau Biergut - October 2, 2007

Also, the Mr. Clean and the mop are a good idea.


8. littlebangtheory - October 2, 2007

Hahahahahah, you funny Frau!

Yes indeed I survived and prospered, despite my best intentions. Guess it takes more to kill me than sheer stupidity…

Posts of The Haps to follow!

9. sherry - October 2, 2007

oh, i have a lot of cleaning supplies. ; )

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