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A Slight Return July 18, 2007

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I was just cruisin’ through my Youtube files to see what was in there, and I found this:

Don’t remember where I got it, so if you sent it to me, Thanks!

I found it inspirational tonight, and amazingly produced as well. Art of an e-form. Dig it!

Yer Berries Are In… July 17, 2007

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Black berries, raspberries, black raspberries…


Blueberries are pretty inconsistent this year; they seem to like a wet spring and a hot summer, but our weather has been a bit off that track.

Might have to pick a pint of raspberries and get some delicious local ice-cream…

While I Was Out… July 16, 2007

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Did a bit of bouldering yesterday at my current favorite spot, “The Titanics.” These are a trio of big stones I found in the hills above my town. One’s jhi-friggin’-gantic and looks like a sinking ship; it’s parked up against two other boulders half its size.

Here’s me on the smaller one:


and finishing it up:


I love that place. The geometry of the rock, the ambiance of the beech forest, the potential energy of the vertical world –

It wrrrrrrrrocks!

In My Back Yard July 16, 2007

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So over at konagod’s place there’s a post titled, “It’s A Jungle Out There.” Said post is a kind of loving apologia to Kona’s feral yard, all kinda overgrown and wild and natural.

Looks a lot like mine!


There she be, all scruffy-like, with the Deerfield River just beyond the first tree row…

Hey, what’s that?


Why, it’s a garden! MY garden! Forgot all about that puppy.

Here’s what you get when you forget about your summer squash:


squashasauruses!!! Those babies will be in my belly by sundown, heheh!

Plenty of tomatoes this year, though they’re all still green…


Also have cucumbers coming in nicely, lots of onions, basil, rainbow chard, potatoes, Portuguese hot peppers, Hungarian wax peppers (medium hot, beautiful shades of red and yellow and orange as they ripen,) kale…

Hey, wait a minute, where’s my broccoli!


Looks like Chucky just bought himself a one-way ticket on the Have-A-Heart Express! Next stop: Unknown. But I do know it’ll be somewhere across the river!

More Entries Into The Hundred Yard Diet: July 16, 2007

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The most common weeds in my garden are all edible; dandelions, plantain, purslane and lamb’s quarters.

It’s pretty cool to weed your garden and eat the weeds!

Here, lamb’s quarters are growing over a nice succulent purslane:


The lamb’s quarters are a cool salad green, chewy and a bit nutty, reminiscent of arugula or some other non-vapid green. The purslane is succulent and a bit acidic, like sheep sorrel. I’m gonna try it in a raw Asian salad with sesame oil and maybe a lemon-tahini dressing.

I don’t know exactly why, but I seem to get an inordinate amount of pleasure from finding free, organic, delicious food!

Think Globally, Drink Locally July 16, 2007

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Found these puppies along the trail:


If the beer you drink comes from some city 1,000 miles away, by refrigerator truck, you’re probably having more of an environmental impact than you need to, and enjoying yourself less than you deserve.

Enter the Micro Brewery, the Local Vinyard, the Brew Pub. Suddenly it’s people the next town over making something really good for your enjoyment, and The Big Boys aren’t taking your cash to Timbuktu.

I love it when the little guys win.

If Silence Was Golden, George… July 15, 2007

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…You couldn’t raise a dime.

Had occasion to listen to the pResident’s Weekly Radio Address today, along with the rather more credible Democratic Response from an Iraq War veteran calling “Bullshit!” on the Liar In Chief.

Ya know, that Douche is still trying to see his fuck-ups through a rose colored lense, but he isn’t sounding all smerky and smarmy and smug any more. I wonder if he’s getting The Message?

And just in case he isn’t getting the message, here’s M’Man Mose to clarify the situation for that lame sackless fuck.

Mose’s eccentric piano stylings can be misconstrued as “choppy” or “pedestrian,” but this video really shows how friggin’ brilliant a player he is, as well as being a clever lyricist. Dig also the excellent work of saxophonist Gary LeFebvre.


Walkin’ The Dinosaur July 15, 2007

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So I was looking for a song called “I Blew Up The United States” by Was/Not Was, and only found this (relatively) non political song. But the Brothers Don and David still cranked, 1986 style, and the Cave Ladies are pretty smokin’ for 2,000,000 BC!

Dig it:

Back To Little July 15, 2007

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So to make up for all that Whore-ticulture, i.e. gardening vs. nature photography, here’s a pic of some interesting moss I found, beautiful for its lime-green luminescence and laced with these teeny-tiny berries:


I swear these puppies are about half a millimeter in diameter, meaning they’re invisible from a stand. And their hollow, cup-like structure is not evident even when you’re kneeling with your face in ’em.

That’s little.

As A Slight Aside From Nature Photography… July 15, 2007

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So I was trying to get a photo of some roadside lilies…


…when this nice couple of pulled up and asked me it I would like to photograph some Really Nice Flowers.

Well, that sounded like a Kind Invitation from Strangers, so of course I said “Yes!”

Gotta go with the flow, ya know? Even though scripted beauty hasn’t been my thing thus far.

Well, as it turned out, Shirley and Joe owned the house just up from where they found me, so taking them up on their kind invitation was easy. And they did indeed have some beautiful flowers happening:


Note the sleeping cow in the distance, a perfect take on this glorious July day in The Berks.

This yard was full of Day Lilies of all hues:


I didn’t see the tiny bee gathering pollen until I uploaded the photograph – hidden wonders, eh?

And they had a lovely water garden, with Monet’s water lilies under a bright blue sky:


What a wonderful place to be a frog!


Some of the water lilies were so layered and translucent as to confuse the eye…


…and others were just beautiful.


So there’s a little diversion from Strict Nature, but Hey, if it’s beautiful, why not share it?