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Today’s Catch July 24, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in Dinner with TCR.
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Hit the back yard after work today, just as a gentle rain started. Picked a bunch of black raspberries:


I’ll bring home some vanilla ice cream tomorrow for movie-time with Spawn O’ My Loins šŸ˜‰

Also got my first real harvest out of my garden:


Rainbow chard, cukes, ‘maters, basil, summer squash, red onions, Hungarian wax and Italian hot peppers, peas, and a butt-load of purslane, which I stir-fried with sesame oil, green onions, Hungarian yellows, a nice fat ramp and some tamari:


‘Twas guuuuuuuud!


1. Phydeaux Speaks - July 26, 2007

I got me some yeller squarsh and ‘maters from a friend today!


2. sherry - July 26, 2007

i have to go to a farm around here tomorrow to help pick up 15 doz. ears of corn for a big picnic.
so, while i’m there i’m planning on some fresh veggies!!! : )

3. DCup - July 27, 2007

Your garden is doing great!

Nothing like a dinner made almost entirely of things grown on your own plot of land…..

4. Dame Slime - August 16, 2007

Yes, I love to harvest the fruits of our labors from the garden. Our tomatoes seem a bit sullen lately, but so much else is gracing the Lord’s and my table. The best part of the garden each year is that we have saved seeds from previous years and continue the grace of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Scraps from the tables throughout the year nourish our bounty and pay us back with delicious food the next year. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, living close to the land.

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