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Mother Nature Loves Me! July 22, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Dinner with TCR.

She does, she told me so, by turning the dirt in my back yard into beautiful, delicious food!!!


…like these beautiful organic tomatoes and basil, as well as the red onions, hot peppers, cukes and cilantro which are all tummy-bound!

Thank you, Mother Earth.

Thank you, Father Sky.

Thank you, Honey Bee.

(…fades off into distance doing a little gazpacho dance…)


1. sherry - July 22, 2007

i have basil grown in a pot by my front door. nothing else.i learned the first year here that my groundhogs are faster to snag the tomatoes and other veggies than i am.
besides we have a ton of oak trees and lots of shade. too much shade for most veggies. so i rely on friends and a small farm a few miles from here.
i feed my ground hogs the scraps.
makes us all happy.

2. PortlyDyke - July 22, 2007

You lucky dog! My tomatos are just coming on, and the wee-green-beasties have me salivating already. It’s been wet here, and the slugs are ravaging my squash and peas.

But, I did eat peas, greens, and raspberries yesterday from the kitchen garden.

Thanks for reminding me thank Mama Earth and Papa Sky!

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