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The Runt’s Rude Recipes, Take 1 July 12, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in Dinner with TCR.
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…And so begins a new series dedicated to a subject I love dearly: FOOD.

I love to cook. I LOVE to eat! If I didn’t have the metabolism of a chipmunk, I’m sure I’d be as big as a house, albeit a one-story job.

Unfortunately, I can’t follow a recipe to save my ass. So I cook from the palate, which has generated some extraordinary fare over the years. But since I never measure anything and don’t write any of it down, a lot of my best efforts were One-Shot Wonders, never to be seen (or tasted) again. Oh well.

In the service of “full disclosure,” I should also confess that since I never taste my cooking ’till it’s in everyone’s plates, I’ve created a small number of total disasters, such as Chili con Codfish, Chicken Chernobyl, Lentils Dégulas and Gifelte Melts.

Never ignore the Warning Signs.

Tonights meal was a nice, safe Pasta Primavera, inspired by yesterday’s small haul of chanterelles, a beautiful, easy mushroom for beginners and a gastronomic treat for us Old Farts. It was basically a stir-fry of organic squashes, a big bulb of coarsely-chopped garlic, red onion, the afore-mentioned chanterelles, and garlic scapes in some wicked friggin’ hot olive oil with a dash of tamari. It looked like this:


Threw it on some angel hair, though I would have preferred fusilli because of the structure of the veggies, and topped it off with some cheap grated cheese, on accounta I’m poor. Younger Progeny loved it; Elder Progeny opted for some month-old jarred sauce. That’s OK; more for me! 😉

That’s about the depth of detail you can expect from me on the “recipe front,” ’cause that’s all I remember.

But it was delicious!


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2. Phydeaux Speaks - July 12, 2007

Damn, bro! I just ate a li’l while ago and that pic is making me hungry all over again. My zucchini got et by the critters (both insect and mammal) while the plants were small, and I never replanted. Luckily for me, a friend didn’t believe me when I told him it didn’t take many hills to produce a good crop – so I get the (extra) produce without having to hoe the ‘patch’!

3. sherry - July 12, 2007

sounds good! i made zucchini last night too.
anything zucchini is a hit around here, especially if they are summer fresh from someone’s garden.
i quartered and thin sliced a medium sized zucchini and cooked it down to soften it a bit with a bit of butter and some olive oil and kosher salt/cracked black pepper then, added a jar of artichoke/tomato brucetta topping and a little grated romano cheese and cooked it on low til it thickened and softened a little more.
pretty good.

4. boxer rebel - July 13, 2007

CR that sounds great, but I do have to ask. What in gods great name made you decide that gifelte melts sounded good. I mean I don’t mind gifelte fish occasionally, but it shouldn’t be cooked and I am not sure anything should be melted over it.

5. DCup - July 13, 2007

Now I know what I’ll do with the zuchinni I picked out of the garden yesterday.

Yum! and Thanks!

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