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Yin-Yang June 20, 2007

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The Yin of Sin begets the Yang o’ That Thang.

Chased this little gal around on my knees for twenty minutes to get a piece of her ass.


Seriously, after quite a long chase o’er hill and dale, this little beauty finally alighted on the ground and patiently allowed me to record her posterior for posterity.

Such are life’s pleasures when you’re easy, like me.

My Sweet Apocalypse, How I Long For Thee… June 19, 2007

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This afternoon while listening to WAMC Public Radio out of Albany I caught part of the program Alternative Radio, an excellent speakers forum based in Boulder, CO and focusing on political and social issues which generally fly below the willfully half-blind radar of the Corporate M$M.

Today’s program featured a talk by Chip Berlet on the inroads made into the American popular consciousness and political machinery by Christian Fundamentalist “end-timers.” As this is an area of major concern to me (I know a few of these folks personally) I thought I’d share these links with anyone interested in the subject.

If you’re not particularly excited about this topic, take a moment to consider this: The popular “Left Behind” book series, a bigoted screed depicting the veritable Hell on Earth awaiting those Unworthy of The Rapture (e.g. fags, fornicators, ACLU types, etc.), has sold something like 170,000,000 copies in the United States, and assuming each book gets read by more than one person (not at all a stretch) that’s a lot of bullshit to swallow.

Now take your trembling perception of Islamic Fundamentalists who are perfectly willing to DIE for Allah and apply it to Christian Fundamentalists who are afraid they won’t be able to bring about the End Of The World in the next couple of years.

NOW take THOSE people and pack them into every nook and cranny of our government’s highest offices and most influential bureaucracies and you’ll get an inkling of why my skivvies are in a bunch.

Check out Mr. Berlet’s AR appearance here.

And as to my wacky, paranoid assertion that they’re heeeeeere, there are way too many details to sleep on in Chris Hedges’ recent book, American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War On America.

Then look up Monica Goodling’s credentials and tell me we’re not in some deep shit.

An Amazing Sight June 19, 2007

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Some sort of wasp laying eggs in a maple tree, I do believe:


Because Bigotry Promises Not To Die: June 19, 2007

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Since The Massachusetts Homophobe Family Institute is vowing to continue their War On Others in the form of pursuing a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, as though it’s any of their fucking business, I figured the least I could do was have Roy Zimmerman entertain them while they wait, hopefully forever!


Yet More Reasons Why I Live Here: June 18, 2007

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‘Cause it’s purdy:


…and it’s cool here when it’s hot out…


And because there are enough of us progressives here so that I don’t feel like a Stranger in a Strange Land.

I’m a lucky guy.

The Antidote For Ugly… June 17, 2007

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Just a little balm for your eyes after the ugliness of my last post.

Peace, and Happy Fathers’ Day to any of you who are fathers.

Standing Up For What’s Right June 17, 2007

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June being worldwide Gay Pride Month, I think it’s worth noting that in Brazil, a preponderantly Catholic country, one gay person is murdered on average every two days. Just because he’s gay.

Yet an estimated TWO MILLION PEOPLE showed up for their big Gay Pride rally this past week. That, my friends takes courage. Lots of it.

Here in Massachusetts, our new governor Deval Patrick has shown political courage by lobbying our State House and Senate hard to reject a plan to amend our State Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage.

I know, I know. Massachusetts is a blue state. But in reality, the majority of us watch Faux sNooze and root for the next American Idol, just like the folks in Kansas or Montana do. So while we’re represented on the Federal level by progressives like Ted Kennedy, we rub elbows in the workplace and at the grocery store with a lot of small-minded folks who fear and loath the concept of Equality For Others Who Are Not Like Ourselves. So publicly defending same-sex marriage is indeed a courageous move for a politician.

Especially a Black politician.

Because bigotry and hatred are alive and well in the Good Ol’ U.S. of A., wherever you are.

Here, let me show you what I mean. I went for a short drive yesterday in the Hill-towns surrounding The People’s Republic of Northampton, one of the most progressive towns I’ve ever known. I intended to do a little bouldering on Balanced Rock in Savoy State Forest, but when I got there I found this:


“Fuck Dury” is probably in reference to Drury High School, the regional school which serves the town of Savoy. Apparently, if you’re a nigger-hater you’re likely too stupid to spell correctly the name of the high school you dropped out of.

I didn’t do any climbing on Balanced Rock; I paced around it photographing the vandalism and ranting against Stupid People .

So thanks again to Governor Patrick for showing us he has that rarest of political organs, a SPINE; to the two million Brazilians who understand that True Democracies exist to protect minorities from the tyranny of the majority; and to any and all of you who Speak Truth to Power in defense of the rights of “others.”

Because to the scumbags people at the top, WE ARE ALL “OTHERS.”

They’re Heeeeeere… June 14, 2007

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Mmmmmmmm, milkweed blossoms! These are perfect, still closed but showing color, about to become umbels of fragrant flowers of the most beautiful shade of coral. Snip ’em, rinse ’em to get rid of the latex “milk” and to flush out these:


then steam or saute them with a little butter or tamari.

If they’re more pink than green, dip them in a thin pancake batter and deep-fry them into amazing fritters, drizzle with maple syrup and have a breakfast feast courtesy of your nearest unplowed field.

Delicious, organic, totally free food. Enjoy!

Bernstein on Clinton June 14, 2007

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Well yesterday I had hoped to catch the WAMC Round Table interview with Carl Bernstein about his new biography of Hillary R, but things got busy at work and I only caught snippets of what sounded like an interesting conversation.

What I did hear, I’m sorry to say, diminished my respect for both Carl and Hillary: the words “disingenuous” and “unauthentic” filled the air like autumn leaves on a windy day. It was enough to make a democrat flush with embarrassment.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a big fan o’ the lass, but as an atheist who’s praying for a Democrat to win the next Big One I was sorry to hear the current Dem front-runner savaged thusly. I was also sorry to hear an investigative reporter of Bernstein’s caliber come off sounding like an intern at The National Enquirer. If anyone thought Hill was carrying too much baggage to win the White House in ’08, picture this as another hefty bedroll being strapped to the appaloosa’s rump.

Both ABC News and The Washington Post seem to have gotten the same impression: while the book may be factually accurate, it just doesn’t have that Pulitzer Je ns sais quoi.

Unless of course you’re one of the sharks reporters over at Faux sNooze, in which case it’s time to play Chumming For Chumps.

You can hear Part Three of this interview at WAMC.org on Thursday between 9 and 10am Eastern. I’ll try to have it covered, but The Boss has his panties in a bunch and I might be busy trying to bail him out.

Going Big in the Great Outdoors! June 12, 2007

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Ever since watching Walt Disney’s Third Man on the Mountain as a little kid, I’ve been in love with climbing – rock, ice, mountain, you name it.

I got serious about climbing in my teens and managed to spend my whole life up to now doing it. I’ve had some of my most memorable times tied to some incredible human beings, a couple thousand feet off the deck. Funny how that tends to stick in your mind…

Anyway, these days I mostly only boulder, a variant of rock climbing which eschews the rope and climbing partner for a “crash-pad” and some solitude. The game is to climb as hard as possible without killing yourself, and to stay in the height range where falls are survivable (at least that’s “Plan A.”)

Here are a couple “hero shots” from my recent adventures:

I call this boulder “Wally World.” It’s an amazingly high-quality piece of stone in the woods near home. This is a good size for “bouldering.”

Pardon the image quality, I shrunk the file too much. The learning curve, you know.

Here, let me try Iraqi Pants, a “highball” problem also near here:

Much better! This puppy got its name ’cause I was definitely in the No Fly Zone for the last bit. Unfortunately, I flew… twice! 😆

Gotta love that new crash pad.

So anyway, if you don’t hear from me on any given sunny day, you’ll know where I am. Or at least what I’m up to!