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Because Not Everything Sucks… June 23, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in macro photos.
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Breathe deeply. Relax your brow, your cheeks, your jaw. Hang your head , stretch your neck. Get loose. Smile.


A little wild Dianthus. There are about 300 species of “pinks” in the genus, with many growing wild in the Northeast. This one’s about 1.5 cm across.

I owe this photo to any of you who survived my toxic rage against Dubbya The Clown over at Shakesville.


1. Phydeaux Speaks - June 23, 2007

Yet another bee-yoo-ti-full picher! And I, for one, enjoyed the rage you spewed! So, do you have any objections to me ‘borrowing’ a picture or two?

I now go to curse people who instigate DOS attacks

2. Phydeaux Speaks - June 23, 2007

Bleargh! I forgot to ask, do you know it’s tomorrow on your blog? Ere ye in Massachusetts or China?

3. littlebangtheory - June 23, 2007

Borry away, mate!

…and WTP with the date-thingie??? Someone else (Lizz) mentioned that a few days ago, but I missed her meaning. Musta slipped a chrono-cog!

4. Phydeaux Speaks - June 23, 2007

Is your blog on GMT (Universal Time)? That may be the default setting. It was after 8EDT when I left that comment, so it would be tomorrow in London. Just a thought….

5. littlebangtheory - June 23, 2007

Hmmmmmm, let’s try this…

…OK, might have fixed the time…

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