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More of “Why I live Here.” June 5, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

Karen, one of the brave few who have graced my little site with a visit or two, got me thinking about waterfalls. Don’t ask. 😉

Anyway, here are a couple of shots I took the other evening at Tannery Falls in Savoy, MA. The light was fading, so I had to resort to a tripod and long exposures:


I kind of like the effect.


And thanks for the tip, Beatgrl. I hope these loaded faster. I’m e-tarded, but I’m trying.


1. Phydeaux Speaks - June 5, 2007

Gorgeous! (the pics, I mean)

2. Tengrain - June 5, 2007

Nice Pix, CR!

3. littlebangtheory - June 5, 2007

Thanks All, I’m workin’ on it!

4. Phydeaux Speaks - June 6, 2007

Morning, brutha!

OT, but I noticed a comment you left somewhere out there on the interweb tubes about knowing how many visitors ye’d had. Weeel, the answer be http://www.sitemeter.com/?a=home . It’s free (although you can pay for a premium membership). I love it!

5. beatgrl - June 6, 2007

Awesome pics!

6. Karen - June 8, 2007

I’m glad to be the catalyst for such a beutiful picture!

7. Karen - June 8, 2007

Dang. BeAutiful. Hey, who made those piles of rocks? They really add to the second picture.

8. littlebangtheory - June 8, 2007

Hi there, catalyst! 😉
Thanks, the piles were there when I arrived. They’re really common around here, and add a sort of Celitc/mystic feel to a lot of our local waterscapes. I’m not sure how they got started, but there are a lot of “alternative” types around here, with many flavors of spirituality and aesthetics. I can’t quite imagine the homogeneity of life in The Mid-west (though I bet that’s an over-generealization.)
Thanks for coming back.

9. Phydeaux Speaks - June 9, 2007

Rockpiles are common ’round here, too. An artist friend of mine makes a decent living making them and taking and selling pics to the touristas.

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